Qualifying for Regional Championships (Elite and Age Group categories only).

 4 POINTS  are required to earn one spot at a Spartan Regional Championship (European Championship Andorra 2023).*

  • Any combination of events can be completed to earn the minimum number of qualifying points for a gated event. 
  • Total qualifying spots may be capped or limited at Spartan’s discretion.
  • Points are awarded regardless of an athlete’s finishing position. Points can not be transferred, even if more than 5 points are earned.
  • Once awarded, an email with more details will be sent to the competitor within 14 days

*Qualification into a regional championship does not guarantee entry into the 3K event. The 3K event will be invitation only with priority registration given to select athletes at Spartan’s discretion. Any spots remaining will be offered to qualified athletes on a first come first serve basis and will be extremely limited. 

The points system is applicable for all Spartan events starting from September 1st, 2022 until Friday June 9th, 2023 (the day before the European Championship event in Andorra, 2023). All the points you have scored between that period leading up to the European Championships count.

  • Qualifying events for the Elite and Age Group categories only, for admission to the Spartan World Championship and Regional Championships, are categorized as follows:
    • Regular Season= any Stadion, Sprint, Super, Beast or Ultra on the Spartan calendar
    • Elite or Age Group Series= any race belonging to one of these competitive series, which includes 3K short-course events
    • Regional Championship = a regional level competitive event such as the European Championship and Pan American Championship
    • Wildcard= any other race designed by Spartan as a “points eligible” event, made public on a case-by-case basisNote: the Trifecta World Championship is not considered as a National or Regional event so it counts as a regular race (=1 point for each race you participate in).
  • All qualifying events are worth points for Elite and Age Group competitors:
    • Regular Season  = 1 point 
    • Elite or Age Group Series = 3 points
    • Wildcard = 3 points*
    • Regional Championship (Spartan London South East European Championship 2022 included) = 5 points
    • Spartan Trifecta World Championship 2022 = 3 points (You will earn 1 point for every race completed in the Spartan TWC weekend)
  • Elite and Age Group competitors always earn the same points. 
    • A competitor may earn points in both categories, however Elite athletes also racing against Age Group is considered unsportsmanlike and poor form, except in the case where an Elite athlete intends to make a permanent (downward) shift to the Age Group category.

*Wildcard events in Europe: Zandvoort Beast - Elite & AG; Kranjska Gora Beast - Elite & AG .


The qualification period for the Regional Championship (European Championships event in Andorra, 10&11 June, 2023) is starting from September 1, 2022 until until Friday June 9th, 2023 (the day before the European Championship event in Andorra, 2023)**

The qualification period has been slightly extended, to support a qualification period which is in line with previous years the number of available events to qualify from. This supports competition and opportunity for participants to qualify and participate in the 2023 European Championship in Andorra.

**By participating at the 2022 European Championships in London, you’ve earned 5 points already as this race is part of a Regional Championship event.




In 2023 Elite and Age Group racers can register for the gated European Championship Beast event anytime before or after they officially qualify.

Qualification codes are not required to register in 2023. However, registered racers who do NOT qualify before race weekend will be automatically transferred to the earliest available open wave and will not be entitled to a refund.

Championship emails will be sent out periodically throughout the year congratulating qualifiers and confirming they have qualified for the event. 

Registration for the European Championship Beast Course can be completed through the Race Page  HERE.

For any questions regarding your qualification status or how to register for the event, please email Spartan Spain at <insert email address>

You have to hold a passport of a European Country (EU and non-EU components are all included) in order to register for the Elite or Age Group category in the European Championship race and be eligible for prize money, awards and podium recognition.

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