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The runner must register under one profile for all races in order for the system to be able to generate the correct data.

All Spartans who finish Spartan SPRINT, Spartan SUPER and Spartan BEAST in one season year (Nov 8th 2021 - Dec 31st 2022) anywhere in the world are automatically added to the Spartan Trifecta club. The 1st trifecta is put together from the wedges of the finished races.

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What is the Spartan Multi-trifecta medal
Spartan Multi-trifecta medal is a series of medals based on your accomplishments. To be able to get Double Trifecta medals you must finish 2 x Sprint, 2 x Super and 2 x Beast within 1 calendar year. Triple Trifecta just multiplies everything by 3 and so on.


How do I qualify for Multi trifecta medal
If you complete required amount of races for the Multi-trifecta and have just 1 left you must send us information from the finished races in the format provided on the web page (using the proper form that can be downloaded on the trifecta page on the web page) minimum 7 days before the race in order for us to guarantee Multi trifecta medal at the finish line. Make sure you fill out all info correctly as all qualifications are checked manually.

Instructions: Racer must complete a form for Multi-trifecta medal from the web page here. Once we receive the filled-in form, and if all send data is correct racer will be added to the list of multi-trifecta qualifiers for the given race. The multi-trifecta qualifier list will be displayed on the event web page in the section of important documents.

How do I know I am approved
Our registration personnel will check all the information you provided for the Multi-trifecta medal and if all is correct, you will be added to the list of Multi-trifecta qualifiers. This list will be regularly updated on each event page.

Where do I get the medal
The medal will be given to you at the finish line of the last race. In the BIB envelop you will have extra wristband with written information regarding your Multi-trifecta medal. If you will not have extra wristband and you qualified contact in the finish line the timing company and they will check if you were approved.

If I am qualified but not on the list
If you are qualified but not on the list, contact us by e-mail and we will check the data. If all is correct, you will be added to the list.

If I loose the wristband during the race
Let the timing company know in the finish line and we will check it and if correct, the medal will be given to you. We do not send any Multi=trifecta by mail, make sure that you contact us during the race.

If I qualify for the Multi-trifecta medal but did not send any info before the race
If you do not send us needed info to verify if you qualify for the Multi-trifecta medal, you contact will not receive this medal at the finish line. Multi-trifecta medal will not be send to you after the race.

Is Spartan ULTRA part of Trifecta, Multi-trifecta

Is WINTER Sprint part of Trifecta?


Is NIGHT Sprint part of Trifecta?



Trifecta weekend
All racers that are registered to Trifecta weekend and by completing Trifecta weekend they will become eligable to receive Trifecta Weekend Medal.
The runner must register under one profile for all races in order for the system to be able to generate the correct data.
Regional Trifecta will be given automatically to all racers who complete Trifecta weekend.

What if racer register to the race less than 21 day before the race
Races still must send request for Multi-trifecta medal but it is not guaranteed that this medal will be available at the finish line, we reserve the right to ship it in this case.

If racer does not apply for the Multi-trifecta medal
We will not ship any medals after the race if request was not send before the race



Endurance trifecta is combination of HH, HH12HR and Spartan Ultra. Any racer that finishes these events in 1 calendar year is able to achieve it by putting the wedges together.

Does Endurance Trifecta counts into Multi-trifecta


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