2020: New Deferral Function In Registration System

Description of deferral function:

  • Deferral function can be used only once.
  • You can choose different race within the one country.
  • Deferral function is working only for open registration. Please wait for new date of postpone event. We will announce new date as soon as we can in accordance with governmental regulation.
  • Deferral function is free for the same or lower discipline (eg. sprint → sprint; super → super; super → sprint) for season 2020 due to Covid-19 crisis.  Registrations moved from 2020 can only be used until the end of 2021 season. New registrations from 2021 can be moved to 2022.
  • If you want to sell your registration, you need to make deferral first and after sell your ticket.
  • Deferral function does not work for kid registration.
  • Deferral function does not work for HH registration.
  • Deferral function can be used till last Sunday before race.


Deferral function for adult individual:

  • It works online for adult individual registration.
  • You can change your race for a different one in your Spartan profile at our registration system.
  • After your choice, system will generate code for new registration. You need to register for a new race up to 2 hours after code was generated.
  • Code is valid without 2 hours limitation for postponed races.
  • Code is not transferable to another person.
  • You can see details (how deferral works) in FAQ here


Deferral function for team registration

  • It works manually for team registration.
  • You need to write an email via our contact form with information:
    • Name of your team and number of racers registered
    • Name of race you are registered
    • Name of race you want to change for
    • Registration ID of all racers in the team
  • Deferral function for team is working for whole team. Whole team will be moved for new race after your email request.


FAQ at website – individual:

To use deferral function, you need to:

  • login to your profile;
  • click on new icon for deferral function and choose new event from the offer and confirm your selection. Please understand that offered events will shows only active races within one country. When we open another race for registration you will find it between your options;
  • you will receive code to your email address;
  • finish your choice and make a registration for new (chosen) race up to 2 hours after code was generated. Code is valid without 2 hours limitation for postpone races.
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